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Children’s Portrait Photography Birthday Club

Gail Nogle Photography :: Dallas, Texas

A Birthday Club Portrait by Gail Nogle Photography, celebrates the growth and change your child makes during that year. As a member of our club, you will remember those years from infancy through sixteen with a unique collection of portraits.

And it’s never to late to enroll. Children of all ages through sixteen are eligible for our plan. Start today!!


For an enrollment fee of $175 your child receives:

  • 50% off your sitting fee each year
  • An exclusively designed leather portrait album embossed with your child’s name and birth date
  • 20% off ALL portrait prints (5 x 7 and larger) ordered at the same time from the same session.

Each year we will send you a reminder to schedule an appointment with us. You’ve made a wonderful selection in joining our club and you will look forward each year to your cherished portrait.

Call Gail (972-233-7437) today to schedule your appointment and enroll you in the Birthday Club.

Gallery Below: Lauren Nogle Gallery (Gail’s daughter): Newborn to Teenage Years

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