Gail Nogle at Texas School of Professional Photography

Gail Nogle at Texas School of Professional Photography

About the Texas School of Professional Photography

It is six days of the BEST photographic education in the world. But wait! There’s MORE! Along with first-class instructors in a small class size, you get to hang out with over 1000 other professional photographers, unwind in the evenings with legendary FUN and FREE evening events, entertainment and meals! PLUS you get access to an impressive Trade Show with over 70 vendors offering the BEST prices on equipment anywhere! You will NOT be disappointed!
OH, did I mention that the whole week is only $550 for TPPA members and $645 for non-members!

At the Texas School of Professional Photography, it is our goal to educate, inspire and invigorate you and your photography business. You will leave Texas School full of new ideas, new friends, new vision, and will anxiously await Texas School NEXT year! Come join us at the unrivaled Texas School of Professional Photography: The BEST photographic education at the best price…and SO much more! Visit The Texas School website for more info!

Gail’s Upcoming Class – “Behind The Scenes”

While spending time with Gail, students will have the rare opportunity to see the magic that goes into each photograph and experience all that is involved in the daily operations of a working studio. This will include lighting, props, costumes, 300 hats, posing and all the tools that Gail uses to get the most natural expressions on any given subject. Painting with a camera and conducting a symphonic photograph will be demonstrated and then each participant will have a chance to practice what they learned.

Gail’s passion has taken her around the world photographing amazing events and places such as Princess Diana’s funeral procession in London, a Sahara Desert caravan, the plains of Serengeti, Havana’s exotic street scenes with vintage 1950’s cars, Mexico’s Day of the Dead, the floating markets of Kashmir, bathers in the River Ganges, and the Dalai Lama’s 77th birthday in Dharasmsala, India.

Gail will teach how she makes a personal connection with everyone to bring out their very best self in every photo. You will delight in Gail’s stories and experiences while learning from observing a master photographer in her element.

At 8 years old a prodigy was ignited at Sky Farm Camp in upstate New York when a Kodak Brownie was put in her hands. Gail Nogle immediately ran out of film photographing everyone there and their dog. While children’s photography and portraiture have been her first photographic love and forté, the whole world is her current studio now. Gail has expanded her art to painting with a camera and conducting symphonic photographs around the world. To see Gail Nogle’s essence, go watch her three YouTube videos titled “Portraits,” “Painting with a Camera” and “Exotica.”

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