DPPA March Meeting – The Art and Soul of Gail Nogle

DPPA March Meeting: The Art and Soul of Gail Nogle

Not many professional photographers have what Gail Nogle has: The skill and mystique of a master at her craft with the demeanor and familiarity of a good friend. In fact, it’s impossible to be photographed by Gail Nogle and not become her friend. She has a way of making her subjects feel at ease and enjoy themselves because she, herself, has so much fun that they have no choice but to join her. And the result is a technically perfect and beautiful portrait that captures a genuinely joyful moment.

Gail’s photographic talent fearlessly unfurled after she received the gift of a camera at the tender age of eight. Decades later, she is rarely seen without a camera in her hand. “Behind the camera is where I flourish,” Gail said, “It’s where I was meant to be.” Anyone who has seen the stunning images captured by Gail would have to agree. Her pictures tell stories that inspire, entertain and touch, and she has taken portraiture to a level that can only be described as poetic artistry. And anyone who has been photographed by Gail or watched her work her magic has experienced something mesmerizing and unforgettable. A whirlwind of perpetual motion and energy, Gail is a rare combination of organization and spontaneity. She is likely to have a flash of inspiration that will take the photo shoot in a new direction, and her subjects are caught up in the “Nogle Experience” right along with her – it’s always a fun ride!



March 14, 2017
6:00 PM – 10:00 PM


Slate at ll Creeks, 2701 Custer Parkway #905
Richardson, TX 75080

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Gail Nogle Portrait Photography Services
Gail Nogle Portrait Photography Services
Gail Nogle Portrait Photography Services
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