Engagement Portrait Photo Gallery

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Engagement Photography Gallery Capturing Your Moments in a Unique and Timeless Portrait Photopraphy Style A wedding engagement marks the time when a couple's life is about to change forever. There are few photographs that you will cherish as much as your engagement portraits, bridal portraits and other wedding photographs. While [...]

Children’s Photo Gallery

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Childrens Portrait Photography Gallery Creating Lifelong Memories with Childrens Portrait Photography remains Gail's first love and forte. Her Dallas photography studio is a paradise for the young and the young-at-heart. There, they poke about, trying on this and that, responding to Gail's antics and chatter, unaware of her eye searching for [...]

Bridal Portrait Photography Gallery

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Bridal Portrait Photography Create Wedding Memories to Last a Lifetime Bridal portrait photos have always been among the most cherished family keepsakes. By capturing this special moment, they create an instant family heirloom that serves as a timeless reminder of the wedding day. Capturing mood and emotion is of the utmost [...]

Locations Photo Gallery

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Location & Non-Studio Photography Unique Location Family Portraits :: Gail Nogle, Family Portrait Photographer Gail has traveled extensively to provide 'Day-In-The-Life' location family portraits for families. A recent shoot took her to New York state, where she spent the day on a family farm, both creating shots, and simply capturing spontaneous [...]

Black and White Photo Gallery

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Black and White Photography Creating Lifelong Memories with Black and White Photography Black and white prints have a refined quality about them. Their simplicity and uncluttered look gives the subject a polished, high-class feel. Without the distractions of color, the picture allows the viewer to recognize the individuality and uniqueness of [...]